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[05 Feb 2015|08:20pm]
Come one, come all~ )
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[07 Jan 2015|10:00pm]
It seems as though OdineCorp's recent stretch of bad luck has not yet come to an end! When all contact is lost with their most recent expedition into the Centra region, most notably around the former staging ground for Ultimecia's Castle, they do everything within their own power to recover their losses. Nearly a week passes and despite best efforts neither researchers nor their precious equipment is recovered. Arrangements are then made with Garden for their SeeD hopefuls to perform a daring search and rescue mission. Rest assured: every participant is forewarned of the dangers. They too could go missing! For emphasis some brave soul with a terrible sense of humor has posted a sign that reads, "Abandone hope all ye who enter here" at the yawning mouth of a cave that is the last known whereabouts of the excavation team.

Within there are dangers untold and hardships unnumbered. Every step makes you feel more isolated from the rest of the world; there is a feeling of being watched from every shadow. Cadets will find themselves faced with the option of unlocking the most straightforward path or exploring all this strange new territory has to offer. Additionally, one might notice the orders from OdineCorp are not strictly relegated to saving people. They seem to be most concerned with recovered artifacts and equipment above all else ...

((Hey guys! So what I'm going for here is a dungeon crawl that will change based on player choices. Here is a map of the facilities (borrowed shamelessly from FFX's Via Purifico) with a crappy key drawn by me. It's entirely possible for the kids to take the northeast path around, fight only a single boss, and rescue the excavation team with relatively little fuss or muss. You will notice the immediate 'exit' is a locked door meaning they'll have to backtrack in order to get out of the cavern.

Your OPTIONAL plot is to activate all the teleportation pads, which are an ancient piece of magical Centra technology that are of much interest to Professor Odine. Much like drawpoints they glow different colors based on whether they are currently active or inactive; inactive glowing white and active glowing purple. Pads 1 and 2 must be stepped on/activated first, meaning the first pad you encounter (pad #5) will do nothing if your character steps on it. It is, however, designed to look somewhat like a compassrose and the west pointing arrow that shows up may provide a hint to any of our more perceptive characters ;D From there pads 3 and 4 must be activated, so on and so forth. When all pads are activated they will be able to extract a small stone tablet (about the size of an ipad) covered with indecipherable runes. This may be turned in to OdineCorp for a heft 10,000 gil bonus! This is to be split between the number of our participating characters.

The boss in the northwest cavern is a slumbering Demon Wall. In one hand it holds a skeleton key which accesses all the cavern's locked doors. There is a chance of stealing this key without having to fight! In the event of battle characters will have to fight off the wall (which has a penchant for causing nasty status effects) or risk being crushed.

All treasure chests have a 50/50 chance of being a Mimic. That means if/when the characters encounter one and choose to open it, I will flip a coin to determine that outcome. Keeps things interesting, right? Your prizes will be an array of restorative items such as phoenix downs, potions, rare (and valuable!) elixirs, etc. The ONLY chest which is guaranteed to give a prize is the one in the locked northwestern room. It is a phoenix pinion with a one-time use that summons the Legendary Phoenix GF, dealing fire damage to all enemies and reviving all injured/knocked out allies in an emergency situation. The draw point in this room is Meteor; the draw point at the cavern's entrance is Curaga.

Our main boss is a Mimic Queen. However, she isn't interested in pretending to be a treasure chest. Instead she will assume the form of your characters -- quite literally pitting them against themselves. Cadets will have to help one another bring down this evil manifestation in order to rescue the exhausted, near dehydrated excavation team.

Standard enemy encounters come in the form of Wendigo, Imps, Red Bats and Anaconduar. Because of the in-depth nature of this plot EVERYONE has the right to employ the use of summaries and time lapses. Maybe you want your character to have gotten a little banged up in battle but don't necessarily want to write it out. That is totally okay. I want this to be a collaborative effort and, although I will be using ~playable to help move things along, your input and enjoyment are very important. Please let me know if you have and comments or questions!))
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[20 Mar 2013|01:15am]
Jay Baruchel )
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[25 Mar 2010|09:03am]
Played By: Jaleel White

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[09 May 2009|11:38pm]
Played By: Will Smith

Wild Wild West: 58
Other: 44

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I make this look good )
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[28 Apr 2008|06:35pm]
Played By: Katy Perry

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26. [14 Feb 2008|11:14pm]
Played by: Mercedes McNab

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25. [14 Feb 2008|10:53pm]

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24. [14 Feb 2008|06:44pm]
Resident Evil
- Resident Evil 4 x 16
- Resident Evil x 3
- Resident Evil 5 x 4
- Random Zombies x 3
- Assorted Jill Valentine x 4

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23. [14 Feb 2008|06:43pm]
Space Channel 5

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The only way to beat them is ... to DANCE! )
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